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Envirosure Solutions helps business and industry eliminate the daily headache of environmental, health and safety regulatory compliance. We protect our clients from the constantly-evolving demands of federal, state and local agencies, providing them with the tools, knowledge and confidence they need to save time, cut costs, make money and become environmental “rock stars” in their communities.



Toxic Release Inventory (TRI/Form R Reporting)

As you probably know, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was authorized in 2000 to extend the law for Toxic Release Inventory (TRI/Form R Reporting) for approximately 50 more toxic chemicals. Your company is accountable for these requirements as long as you employ the equivalent of 20,000 hours per year (10 or more full-time employees) and your annual usage of one or more of the 700+ listed chemicals or compounds exceeds qualifying thresholds.

Common chemicals on the TRI list include:

Metals - lead, chromium, nickel, manganese, copper, cobalt, etc.
Liquids - xylene, toluene, sodium hydroxide, most acids, etc.
Gases - ammonia, freon, etc.:


Remember one essential point about TRI Reporting: if you should choose to ignore this law, the penalties are extremely stiff and are issued retroactive to the date a company was required to begin reporting (written policy: $27,500/chemical/year).

We Can Help

Because your company is subject to TRI Reporting, it is essential to begin your due diligence now, as you must document your applicable chemical usage for the entirety of the calendar year before the deadline. This is a difficult and time-consuming task, which makes it reassuring to have a professional environmental management company to take care of the details. Envirosure is here to help your company with TRI Reporting: achieve, maintain, and exceed compliance!

Environmental, health and safety compliance can understandably be overwhelming or confusing for organizations that focus time and energy on productivity and quality over compliance statutes. Envirosure provides turnkey environmental, health and safety solutions to existing businesses. Envirosure improves and then sustains environmental health and safety in the workplace by accurately and efficiently ensuring compliance mandates are met. This approach allows businesses to focus on their core business and reduce liability and exposure by ensuring that gaps in compliance are eliminated.

For additional information on the services Envirosure can provide for your company, please contact us in our Arizona office at 480.784.4621 or visit us on the web at

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Shredders: ASR Piles, Environmental Concerns on the Rise

According to a recent study commissioned by the EPA, the volume of auto shredder residue (ASR) is expected to increase, due to the growing number of cars scrapped annually and the increased use of plastics in automobile production. The majority of ASR – the roughly 20 percent of leftover materials (plastic, rubber, foam, paper, fabric, glass, etc.) – after a vehicle has been “shredded” is currently landfilled. Other opportunities for its use are currently under exploration.

With ASR quantities rising, look for increased attention on your facility’s federal, state and local compliance mandates. Ways to manage your compliance obligations include:

Read your facility’s plans -- then follow them. This includes your Stormwater plan, Spill Control and Countermeasures Plan, Material Acceptance Policy, Emergency Response Plan (have you drilled it lately?) and more. Don’t underestimate the simplicity of this coaching -- remember there’s a difference between knowing a plan and acting on it regularly.

Update your plans and permits. Simple and straight-forward, yes? Not always. Legislative updates happen ongoingly throughout the year. Stay in regular contact with your state’s environmental quality department website, subscribe to a newsletter (such as Recycling Today’s Auto Shredding Info) or – radical idea – use a compliance consultant. Not only are compliance consultants up-to-date, they are usually significantly less expensive than the research time spent by your company’s EHS manager to accomplish the same task.

Conduct a baseline assessment. Begin with an inventory of the hazardous (and preferably non-hazardous) materials onsite, then look through your plans, permits, reports, pending applications, policies and programs. How old are they and when were they last updated? Do you have your trainings documented? Are your waste manifests in one place? Better yet, have a third party conduct the assessment for you. If there’s bad news, you’d rather hear it from them than, say, your local inspector.                                      

Don’t know where to start? Give Envirosure a call – we’re ready to help!



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